This is how you make your Slack’s #new-user channel *ping* on repeat

Your pricing page should make sales. That’s its whole job. With 10x Pricing Pages, you get the strategic, step-by-step guidance you need to help your pricing page convert customers like your always-on, 24/7 salesperson.

Course curriculum

    1. What You'll Need to Research Your Pricing Page (SaaS and Apps)

    2. The My Solution Design Tab is Always Open

    3. Not Sure About Price? Start With a Competitor Pricing Page Audit

    4. The Quick and Easy Pricing Page Audit for SaaS and Apps

    5. Find Your Value Prop for Your Pricing Page

    6. Thank-You Page Surveys, Including Setting Them Up

    7. Using New Customer Thank-You Page Responses in Your Ultimate Message Map

    8. What Are People Switching From?

    9. How to Run a Jobs to Be Done Interview

    10. How to Find The Switch in Jobs To Be Done Interviews

    11. Moving Into the Planning Stage

    1. What You'll Need to Plan Your Pricing Page

    2. Let's Start With a Walkthrough of the Solution Design for Your Pricing Page (SaaS and Apps)

    3. Identify the Job Your Prospect is Hiring Your Product To Do (SaaS and Apps)

    4. The Rule of One: Your One Reader

    5. The Rule of One: Your One Offer (Pricing Pages)

    6. The Rule of One: Your One Value Proposition

    7. PCPO for Pricing Pages (SaaS and Apps)

    8. Where We At?!

    9. Pricing Pages are Conversion Pages - We'll Use This Framework

    10. Planning to Persuade

    11. Aggregate vs Periodic - for Benefits vs Pricing

    12. Try Three Tiers

    13. Price Anchoring

    14. Scratch-draft Your Pricing Tiers (SaaS and Apps)

    15. How to Document a New Product Inside Your Ultimate Message Map

    16. Finish Your Framework (SaaS and Apps)

    17. Finalize Your Solution Design (SaaS and Apps)

    1. What You'll Need to Write Your Pricing Page

    2. Start With Your Value Prop Headline (SaaS and Apps)

    3. Write Your Pricing Page Subhead (SaaS and Apps)

    4. Write Your Pricing Page Eyebrow Copy (SaaS and Apps)

    5. Name Your Pricing Tiers (SaaS and Apps)

    6. Write the One-Liner Description for Each Tier (SaaS)

    7. Craft the Bullets for Each Pricing Tier (SaaS and Apps)

    8. Add the Price to Your Pricing Table (SaaS and Apps)

    9. Use a Call to Value Strategically to Your Pricing Page (SaaS and Apps)

    10. Add a Click Trigger to the Tier You Want to Sell (SaaS and Apps)

    11. Add Social Proof

    12. Add FAQs to Your Pricing Page

    13. Write Your FAQs Crosshead

    14. The Final Version of Your Pricing Page - What You Should Now Have in Place (SaaS and Apps)

    1. What You'll Need to Edit Your Pricing Page

    2. Edit in Fresh VOC

    3. Further Enhance Your Primary Tier

    4. Rewrite Your CTVs (SaaS and Apps)

    5. Clarify the Value in Your Pricing Page Headline (SaaS and Apps)

    6. Edit in Positive Anxiety-Reducing Emotion on Your Pricing Page (SaaS and Apps)

    7. Shorten Your Social Proof

    8. The Depletion of Assets Sweep (SaaS and Apps)

    9. The Seven Sweeps (Pricing Pages)

    10. The Seven Sweeps Crash Course

    11. Validate Your Copy

    12. Running Validation Tests

    13. Solve for Mobile on Your Pricing Page (SaaS and Apps)

    14. You Now Have a Ready-To-Test Pricing Page

    1. What You Need to Optimize Your Pricing Page / Section

    2. Reducing Bounce

    3. Use This Simple Audit to Pinpoint Messaging Opportunities

    4. Remove Competing Links

    5. Actually Commit to Deoptimizing All Tiers But One

    6. Make it Easier to Compare - Contrast Line Items

    7. Does Your Price Look Too Big?

    8. Move the Table Higher Up Without Removing the Headline and Subhead

    9. Compare Your Price to the Price of Everything They'll Eliminate

    10. Revisit the Copy That Brought People to This Page

    11. PCPO: The 4 Elements of High-Performing Sales Copy

    12. Replace Your FAQs With a Totally Different Section (SaaS and Apps)

    13. Further Optimize Your Offer

    14. The Irresistible Buyer Offer 3.0, Explained

    15. OTS: The Irresistible Buyer Offer 3.0 Worksheet

    16. Now Test Your Optimized Pricing Page

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