Course curriculum

  • 1

    Module 1

    • Welcome to Product Detail Pages Training - Who I Am and What You Need to Know before We Begin.

    • The Anatomy of a Product Detail Page

    • The Questions You Should Ask to Get the Page-Performance Data You Need

    • Conduct a Competitor Audit

    • Competitor Content Auditing

    • Pulling VoC into a JTBD Format

    • Using VoC to Identify Use-Cases

    • Conducting a CRO Audit of the Control

    • On PCPO for PDPs

    • PCPO: The 4 Elements of High-Performing Sales Copy

    • How to Synthesize What You’ve Learned So Far

    • Here’s the Research You Should Finish Before Planning Your PDP

  • 2

    Module 2

    • What You Need to Know Before Planning Your PDP

    • Do You Have Your Brand Voice in Place?

    • How to Plan for an OUTSTANDING Top Section, No Matter How Inflexible It May Seem

    • Choose Your Framework for the Bottom Section

    • The Proof You’ll Need and Where You Can Expect to Put It

    • How to Turn This Plan into a Loose Wireframe in a Google Doc

    • Here’s the Planning You Should Finish Before Writing Your PDP

  • 3

    Module 3

    • What You Need to Know Before Writing Your PDP

    • Why You Should Write in a Mobile Wireframe

    • Let’s Write Your Above-The-Fold Copy

    • How to Write the Remainder of Your PDP

    • Writing Crossheads for Non-testimonial Proof That Actually Get Attention

    • Buttons: When to Use ‘Em, When to Lose ‘Em

    • Selecting Images That Help Your Page’s Argument

    • Here’s the Writing You Should Finish before Editing Your PDP

  • 4

    Module 4

    • What You Need to Know Before Editing Your PDP

    • Getting Super Nit Picky with Your Product Description

    • What Story Are Your Crossheads Telling?

    • Advanced Crossheads: Editing Prompts to Shake You Out of the Same Ol'

    • Edit in the Emotion

    • Rewrite Your CTAs

    • Align Click Triggers with Each Section’s Copy

    • Conduct an 11th Hour CRO Sweep

    • Intro to 7 Sweeps, Validation, Compliance

    • How to Use the Seven Sweeps in Your Delivery Email

    • Validate Your Copy

    • Editing the Compliance Sweep

    • You’re “Done” Your PDP