Course curriculum

    1. Welcome to Product Detail Pages Training - Who I Am and What You Need to Know before We Begin.

    2. The Anatomy of a Product Detail Page

    3. The Questions You Should Ask to Get the Page-Performance Data You Need

    4. Conduct a Competitor Audit

    5. Competitor Content Auditing

    6. Pulling VoC into a JTBD Format

    7. Using VoC to Identify Use-Cases

    8. Conducting a CRO Audit of the Control

    9. On PCPO for PDPs

    10. PCPO: The 4 Elements of High-Performing Sales Copy

    11. How to Synthesize What You’ve Learned So Far

    12. Here’s the Research You Should Finish Before Planning Your PDP

    1. What You Need to Know Before Planning Your PDP

    2. Do You Have Your Brand Voice in Place?

    3. How to Plan for an OUTSTANDING Top Section, No Matter How Inflexible It May Seem

    4. Choose Your Framework for the Bottom Section

    5. The Proof You’ll Need and Where You Can Expect to Put It

    6. How to Turn This Plan into a Loose Wireframe in a Google Doc

    7. Here’s the Planning You Should Finish Before Writing Your PDP

    1. What You Need to Know Before Writing Your PDP

    2. Why You Should Write in a Mobile Wireframe

    3. Let’s Write Your Above-The-Fold Copy

    4. How to Write the Remainder of Your PDP

    5. Writing Crossheads for Non-testimonial Proof That Actually Get Attention

    6. Buttons: When to Use ‘Em, When to Lose ‘Em

    7. Selecting Images That Help Your Page’s Argument

    8. Here’s the Writing You Should Finish before Editing Your PDP

    1. What You Need to Know Before Editing Your PDP

    2. Getting Super Nit Picky with Your Product Description

    3. What Story Are Your Crossheads Telling?

    4. Advanced Crossheads: Editing Prompts to Shake You Out of the Same Ol'

    5. Edit in the Emotion

    6. Rewrite Your CTAs

    7. Align Click Triggers with Each Section’s Copy

    8. Conduct an 11th Hour CRO Sweep

    9. Intro to 7 Sweeps, Validation, Compliance

    10. How to Use the Seven Sweeps in Your Delivery Email

    11. Validate Your Copy

    12. Editing the Compliance Sweep

    13. You’re “Done” Your PDP

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