Course curriculum

  • 1

    Conversion Copywriting vs Regular Old Copywriting

    • Before we begin...

    • What is conversion copywriting? How is it different from other kinds of copywriting, like writing brochures or ads?

  • 2

    How to Write Messages that Stick

    • How to know for whom you're writing

    • What is a value proposition, and what does that have to do with copywriting?

  • 3

    Copywriting for Different Stages of Awareness

    • What does a visitor's stage of awareness have to do with the copy you write?

    • How can you tell what stage of awareness your visitors are in?

    • Can you convert visitors with low awareness? How is the funnel you craft for low-awareness visitors different from the funnel you craft for higher-awareness visitors?

    • The 100 audience formula

  • 4

    Is Your Page Doing What It's Supposed to Be Doing?

    • Explain page goals.

  • 5

    How to Lay Out a Great Web Page

    • Walk us through the anatomy of a great web page.

    • What to think about when laying out your page (e.g., AIDA, PAS)

  • 6

    Your Landing Page Ain't Your Home Page, Okay?

    • The difference between a home page and a landing page.

  • 7

    How to Format Your Web Copy

    • Best tips for formatting web copy

  • 8

    How to Write Headlines that Get the Clicks

    • How to write a great headline

    • Clear vs clever: which one wins, when?

  • 9

    How to Get 'Em to Keep Reading

    • How to write meaningful body copy

    • What is the difference between features and benefits, and which should we write for, when?

    • How long should your copy be?

  • 10

    How to Get Useful Testimonials and Where and When to Use Them

    • What are useful testimonials?

    • When should I use a testimonial instead of regular copy?

    • How to get great testimonials: a process

  • 11

    Convert Like a Mofo, Yo

    • Best tips for getting visitors to opt-in (to your list)

  • 12

    Drip Campaigns that Are Way Better than the Other Guys'

    • What is a drip campaign?

    • How to plot a drip campaign

    • How to write an email subject line

    • Should you sell in email? Why, why not, and when, if ever?

  • 13

    How to Write Adwords Ads

    • How to write Adwords ads that convert

  • 14

    How to Get Out of Your Copywriting Funk with This Insider Shortcut

    • How to effortlessly build a huge swipe file of the world's best copy

    • Before you go...