Course curriculum

    1. What is conversion copywriting? How is it different from other kinds of copywriting, like writing brochures or ads?

    1. How to know for whom you're writing

    2. What is a value proposition, and what does that have to do with copywriting?

    1. What does a visitor's stage of awareness have to do with the copy you write?

    2. How can you tell what stage of awareness your visitors are in?

    3. Can you convert visitors with low awareness? How is the funnel you craft for low-awareness visitors different from the funnel you craft for higher-awareness visitors?

    4. The 100 audience formula

    1. Explain page goals.

    1. Walk us through the anatomy of a great web page.

    2. What to think about when laying out your page (e.g., AIDA, PAS)

    1. The difference between a home page and a landing page.

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