Your headline is the most important copy you will ever write. Which means your skills as a copywriter will be measured by the quality of your headline. Enter Master of Headlines. A crash course that shows you how to write insanely good headlines.

Course curriculum

    1. An Intro to Writing Headlines

    2. Headlines That Work

    3. First, You Need to Get To 100 Lines

    4. Prompts

    5. An Overview of the Get Going Groups

    6. Get Going Group: Unique / Different

    7. Get Going Group: Dreamstate

    8. Get Going Group: Pain or Problem

    9. Get Going Group: The Cure

    10. Get Going Group: Benefit of the Benefit

    11. Get Going Group: 5 Inches, 5 Miles

    12. Get Going Group: First Person

    13. Get Going Group: Proof Focused

    14. Get Going Group: Materials and Mechanisms

    15. Get Going Group: Really Out There

    16. Get Going Group: Make Up Your Own

    17. Check In

    18. Do You Have Any Great or Could-Be-Great Headlines?

    19. Try It in Context

    20. Make It Sound Really Good with CPTS

    21. Where and How to Get Creative

    22. The Headline Sweep

    23. Always Be Copywriting

    24. BONUS: More Prompts and Copywriting Formulas

About this course

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  • 24 lessons
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