Course curriculum

    1. Make researching and planning easier with the UMM and Solution Design

    2. How to know what research to do

    3. How to document what you’re selling

    4. How to document a new Product in your Ultimate message map

    5. Start Filling In Your Solution Design Section

    6. How to Complete the PCPO Section in Your Solution Design

    7. How To Determine Who You’re Writing For

    8. How to Complete the Rule of One Section in Your Solution Design

    1. What you’ll need to research your seasonal emails

    2. As part of research, let’s analyze BFCM emails

    3. As part of research, let’s analyze BFCM offers

    4. What offers has your audience responded best to?

    5. Essential VOC research

    6. How to Document your product

    7. Thank you page surveys

    8. How to organize your new thank-you page survey responses in your UMM

    9. Moving on to Planning

    1. What you’ll need to plan your seasonal emails

    2. Styles of emails

    3. The best possible offer

    4. Offer logistics

    5. Your Rule of One

    6. PCPO, or How You’ll Sell It

    7. A note on “Product Aware,” when it comes to offer-heavy emails

    8. The seasonal email plan

    9. The pre-campaign emails

    10. The campaign emails

    11. The post-campaign emails

    12. You’re ready to write!

    1. What you’ll need to write these emails

    2. A quick refresher on From names

    3. Write your pre-campaign emails: The Vote

    4. Write your pre-campaign emails: Presell the Product

    5. Write your campaign emails: The Subject Line Sell

    6. Write your campaign emails: The Olive Oyl Email

    7. Write your campaign emails: The Change

    8. Write your campaign emails: Why They Buy

    9. Write your campaign emails: Legit This Is It!

    10. Write your campaign emails: The Counter Downer

    11. Write your post-campaign emails

    12. Finish with a quick comparison to your Solution Design

    1. How to edit copy

    2. Try it two ways

    3. The Battlefield Principle Theory & In Media Res OTST

    4. Color, Pattern, Texture, Shine and OTS

    5. Laying it on thick

    6. The Modified Foxtrot

    7. Make it one sentence

    8. The Seasonal Sweep

    9. Your emails are ready to go

    1. How To Start Researching Seasonal Facebook Ads

    2. How To Use Past-Campaign Data To Guide Your Strategy

    3. How to Find and Use Sticky Messages for Ads

    4. Here’s What We Mean by “Sticky” VOC

    5. Assessing Your Funnel “Ecosystem”

    6. What You Need before Moving into Planning Your Seasonal Facebook Ads

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